Egyptian Pyramids - who built the pyramids? Why were the pyramids built? Where are the pyramids? How many pyramids are there in Egypt? What were the pyramids used for? The Bent pyramid. The Step Pyramid. The Red Pyramid. The Great Pyramid. The Pyramids at Giza. This site aims to answer those questions and many more, giving an insight into the truely magnificent structures know as the pyramids of Egypt!

The Egyptian Pyramids


Nothing inspires the imagination like the Great Pyramids of Egypt. These ancient monuments have stood the test of time, when others around them have decayed and disappeared.

The pyramids have left us with a great many questions like 'Who built the pyramids?', 'Why were the pyramids built?' and 'How many pyramids are there in Egypt?'

Hopefully this site can help answer some of the questions which are asked regarding the pyramids of Egypt.

Did you know that there are different types of pyramids in Egypt? Not all pyramids are true pyramid shaped as some of the earlier attempts didn't quite turn out as planned.

There are numerous structures within Egypt which are pyramid shaped, but did you know that there are only ten pyramids which have a solid stone core?

We have built this site to help you learn more about these wonderful ancient buildings. Please use the navigation on the left to move around this site.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and hope you leave here having learned something new!

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